Two airlines offer flights to the Osa Peninsula: Nature Air and Sansa Air. The Sansa Air airport is located right next to the San Jose (SJO) International Airport. The Nature Air airport is an approximately 20-minute taxi drive away from the San Jose International Airport. Both companies operate small planes with a seating capacity of 12 passengers. Please note that there are some baggage restrictions.

Sansa Air – www.flysansa.com

Nature Air – www.natureair.com

Depending on your hour of arrival in San José, you may wish to arrange your flight to Osa Peninsula from one of these airports: Palamar Norte, Drake Bay or Puerto Jiminez .

Please notify us of your airport choice in advance so we can calculate the transportation fees to Sabalo Lodge.

If you arrive at the airport in Palmar Norte you can take a taxi which will bring you directly to Sierpe Town, where we offer provide transportation by boat.


You can travel by bus from San José through Palmar Norte to Sierpe. There are several departure times at the Central Bus terminal of San José or from other bus terminals in Costa Rica. Depending on your time of departure, the bus trip to Sierpe takes between four-and-a-half and six-and-a half hours.



If you own your own vehicle or decide to rent one, it will take you between four-and-a-half and five-and-a-half hours to get from San José to Sierpe. At Sierpe, you board the ferry ($18) which takes you down the Sierpe River to a landing by a narrow jungle road leading directly to the Lodge. An all-terrain vehicle will be required to travel this last stretch. Mind the road signs.


We offer a boat transportation from Sierpe to Sabalo Lodge. The meeting point is at the restaurant Las Vegas in Sierpe. You have to contact us at info@sabalolodge.com if you need this transportation.

Also, there is a taxi-boat from Drake to here everyday in the morning and in the early after-noon. The departure is from Drake Bay beach to Paylon dock in Sabalo. From there we pick you up to come to the lodge. For any more detail about the boat transportation, you can contact us at info@sabalolodge.com

Private Transportation

If you need a private transportation, we can manage a transportation from everywhere in the Osa Peninsula to here. Just contact us at info@sabalolodge.com.