Hiking in the jungle

We have mapped out several trails around Sabalo Lodge so you can visit the animals, plants and landscapes in complete symbiosis. Wild animals such as monkeys and sloths can be observed directly in their natural habitat.

The hikes are mainly early morning or late afternoon. It is also possible to go on a night tour to observe reptiles and crocodiles surrounding the Lodge, although this is for the adventurous only! All tours are accompanied by an experienced local guide.

A kayaking tour is also possible when the tide is high enough to paddle on the river around the mangroves.

Hike to the waterfall

Less than an hour’s walk from the Lodge is a natural rock waterfall where the water flows down from the mountains. Upon arrival, you can refresh yourself from your hike by diving into a pool of crystal clear water at the foot of the waterfall.


Private beach Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca lies at the mouth of Drake Bay, its white sandy beach meeting with the ocean. Cut off from the rest of the world, this unique and wild looking landscape will make you feel like you’re part of the Lost TV series. It takes only twenty minutes to get there by boating down the Sierpe river where you can relax while watching a multitude of colourful exotic birds dotting the forest’s borders.


Visit mangroves on Sierpe river

Among the rich vegetation in Costa Rica, the Sierpe river is characterized by the rich diversity of the mangroves, home to a multitude of species, freshwater birds and flowering plants. Accompanied by a guide this 3-4 hour visit is one of Sabalo Lodge’s main attractions since it is located at the very heart of this natural wonder.


Scuba diving at Isla del Cano

Isla del Cano is known as an extraordinary and dazzling diving spots adapted to all levels, from beginner to advanced and will enchant you with its seabed teeming with marine creatures. The day includes boat transportation, lunch on the beach of the island, all the necessary equipment, and divemasters. You can dive with a mask and snorkel or with a tank according to your preferences and level. Not surprising that people regard Isla del Cano as one of the most beautiful and best scuba diving spot in the entire country!


Guided tour of Corcovado park through San Pedrillo entrance

Enjoy a hike at the Parque Nacional Corcovado, one of the best sites in Costa Rica. Nestled in the heart of the rainforest, this tropical paradise will amaze you with its rich biodiversity. The day tour includes an experienced guide, boat transportation, and lunch on the beach.


For an exhilarating experience, try speeding along a zipline from tree to tree. This activity is offered by one of our partners located in Bahia Drake. Transportation is included, and a trip to the beach can be arranged on the same day. Check it out!

Horseback riding

There is no better way to explore the pristine Sabalo land than on horseback. Three or four hours will be enough to explore the vast surroundings and discover the hidden wonders lying hiding deep in the mountains and fields. The breathtaking sightings of animals, plants and the landscapes will make your trip more than memorable. A guide will be there to accompany on this marvellous morning tour.

Fishing in the mangroves on the Sierpe River

Fishing in the mangroves is an exceptional experience. You will find yourself amidst abundant vegetation teeming with species of fish including yellow, red and black snapper, considered as one of the most outstanding fish in the region. Prepare yourself for a day of authentic Tica hook and line fishing! The trip includes a team of experienced fishermen and equipment.

Night shrimp fishing

For a totally unique experience, try shrimp fishing. This type of fishing can only be done on cloudy nights around 10:00 p.m. Standing by a small freshwater creek flashlight in hand and a harpoon resembling a giant fork in the other, you can catch shrimp the size of a lobster. A guide will be there to show you the best fishing techniques.

Sea fishing

Sea fishing in the Pacific is a must in Costa Rica. Spend the day on a state-of-the art boat where the waters of Bahia Drake are full mahi-mahi, sailfish, yellowfin tuna and king mackerels. This site has over forty fishing records and is a fisherman’s paradise! We offer full day trips or half day trips and the two excursions available are on either the coast of Isla Violina or deep sea fishing near the Isla del Cano. An experienced fishing team will accompany you throughout the day.